1. Download and Installation of the Tournament Keeper v8
  2. A Brief Visual Tour of the Tournament Keeper v8
  3. Setting up Division Preferences  and Tournament Schedule
  4. Create a Tournament in the Schedule
  5. Adding Registrations to a Draw or Pro-Am Tournament
  6. Adding Registrations to a Team Tournament
  7. Data Backup and Restore Process

The Bump Station Module

  1. The Bump Station Module
  2. Using the Bump Station Module

Using the Report Designer

  1. Modify an Existing Report
  2. Create a New Simple Report

Setup the Pro Tournament Scale

  1. Video 0 – Introduction and Overview of Setup
  2. Video 1 – Load radio hub driver
  3. Video 2 – Finding Com Port Numbers
  4. Video 3 – Setup of radio for Tournament Keeper
  5. Video 4 – Setup of radio for LeaderBoard Commander
  6. Video 5 – Linking Leader Board to Tournament Keeper
  7. Video 6 -Epson Roll Printer (USB Interface)