Tournament Keepertm

Powerful and Affordable!
If you are a tournament director for bass tournament circuits or with club bass tournaments, big bass tournaments, walleye tournaments, saltwater tournaments or any other type of fishing tournament, one of the editions of our Tournament Keepertm is the software for you.

The Tournament Keepertm is compatible for the PC running Windows XP thru Windows 11 !. It will also run on any Mac Pro that has a Windows partition (use VMFusion or Parallels).

If your organization needs more custom features we can write a system for you using our Tournament Keepertm Professional or Tournament Keepertm Enterprise systems as the model.

All of our software interfaces with the Pro Tournament Scale H2 and CS19 scale systems and their weigh slip ticket printer.  Find the Tournament Keepertm edition that best fits the needs of your organization.

NOTE: Version 9 is now in full development. A possible release date plus updated and new features will be posted here. Check back often.


Fish-N-Logtm Professional Suite

Want to improve your catch results on your fishing trips? Want to take the advantage over other anglers during a tournament? The Fish-N-Logtm Professional Suite will provide you all of those advantages! Anglers can track detailed information about their fishing trips with our Fish-N-Logtm Professional Suite. Your fishing information is collected with as much detail you want to provide and it will report back to you with a detailed report or Graphical Summary Analysis about the best areas, times-of-day, month, lures etc. to use to fish your favorite lake or other body of water. The Suite contains the Fish-N-Logtm, Compete-N-Logtm and Equip-N-Logtm to track your personal tournament details and your fishing equipment and maintenance schedules. Find out all the details…